About Alyce Fine Art


Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia Alyce Duhs is a self-taught emerging artist.
At 29 years old Alyce has developed her passion as an artist over many years, specialising in
photorealistic, illustrative works of art using chalk pastel. The most important part of her style is to
create vibrant paintings of wildlife, seascapes, pets, and botanicals with tremendously high attention
to detail. Alyce has developed her signature style shown through vibrant colours and dramatic
contrasting. Each artwork finished off with extremely delicate detailing and highlighting.

Alyce draws inspiration for her work from various trips to national parks, beaches, rainforests, and
wildlife sanctuaries. From this she captures elements in nature that particularly stimulate her
Alyce believes her art has the power to make one view the natural world in a new light. To discover
beauty in nature that otherwise might seem dull and often overlooked. Like the dreamy reflections in
the ocean or rays of sunlight shining through leaves above. The warmth and coolness of colour and
how they contrast in harmony to capture moments of pure emotion.



What I offer 

I have always had a passion for drawing and with this I create beautiful and unique hand-drawn artworks using the highest quality materials to ensure your artwork lasts a lifetime. 

I pride myself in creating a piece filled with meaning and emotion, whether it be a delicate rose from your favourite rose bush, a portrait of your beloved pet or moody seascape. 

I work very closely with my clients and when they see their artwork for the first time it is the most rewarding and touching experience.

I feel honoured to have created something that is so meaningful to them. 

A good quality photograph is needed to capture personality or fine details. Feel free to email me your photos  and I will let you know if they are suitable. 

Please contact me and we can discuss how I can create a special gift for you.

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