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Flourish + Flight

Art Exhibition
Alyce Fine Art  & Anne Scanlon Art

Brisbane based emerging artists Alyce Duhs and Anne Scanlon warmly welcome you to their collaborative exhibition, “Flourish + Flight”.   We have great joy bringing you original nature-inspired pieces worked in rich pastels, oils, and acrylics for this special event.


Both in cultivation and wild spaces, urban and bush, there are treasures hiding in plain sight.  “Flourish + Flight” is a celebration of both artists pure pleasure of honouring these gifts around us, that the modern pace of life can make dim.


Our Australian native plants, birds, and animals, live alongside us in in a way few other places share.  “Flourish + Flight” brings a fraction of these into a collection made especially for you to own and enjoy.


Welcome to “Flourish + Flight”.

Flourish + Flight

Art Exhibition

8th – 15th July 2022

The Plant Bunker Brisbane

Basement Level, 6 Railway Tce, Crombie St, Milton QLD 4064

Scaly-Breasted Lorikeet. Alyce Fine Art

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In Paradise
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Meet the Artists

Anne Scanlon

Anne Scanlon

(Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Business)

I'm a Brisbane based artist drawn to the natural environment, movement,
and change. I work mostly in oil and acrylic paints and aim to create 
pieces that connect and last.  A life long gardener, I am intrigued by the detail in nature so easy to overlook, and love to capture those fleeting moments in both feel and form.  I find that when I paint apiece, it becomes a meditation, a study in looking closely at what is often hidden - and sharing the joy of it with others.


Alyce Duhs

(Self Taught)

Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia, 30-year-old Alyce Duhs is a passionate, self-taught, artist. Alyce specialises in photorealistic, illustrative works of art using chalk pastel as her primary medium. Alyce creates vibrant paintings of wildlife, seascapes, pets, and botanicals with layers of luminosity and tremendously high attention to detail. 

Alyce draws inspiration for her work from her travels to national parks, rainforests, beaches and wildlife sanctuaries. From this she captures those elements in nature that particularly stimulate her emotions.

Alyce believes her art has the power to make one view the natural world in a new light. To discover beauty in nature that otherwise might seem dull or overlooked. Like the dreamy reflections in the ocean, or rays of sunlight shining through leaves above. The warmth and coolness of colour and how they contrast in harmony to capture moments of spirituality and pure emotion.

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