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Vibrant, Original and Commissioned Artworks and Prints to Bring the Beauty of Nature Into Your Home.

Quietening of the Soul.jpg

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my latest original piece, "Quietening of the Soul"

Ginger, Smokey, Bandit


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Tim II

Portraits of Tim

Alyce was referred to me by a friend who had recently commissioned a piece of art. Throughout the entire process, Alyce was patient, empathetic, calm, and completing unwavering in her devotion to perfectly recreating the subject given to her care.

I cannot be happier with the results, and it has brought me such joy and closure to have such incredible portraits created that will be cherished forever.



The detail is unlike any I have ever seen. The time and effort Alyce spends she is a true perfectionist and loveable artist

Milos Commission_edited.jpg


Wow, how fantastic is this piece! Thankyou for taking on this commission Alyce. It brings me back to that exact moment in time. You are truly talented! Can’t wait to see it on my wall.

the cow before the storm.jpg

The Cow Before the Storm

I received the artwork 'The Cow Before the Storm' in perfect condition a couple of weeks ago.

It is an amazing piece and am so pleased with it. You are extremely talented my husband can't get past it being a drawing as it's so detailed.

It holds a special place for us as we own a farm with an entire herd of red cow that look just like this one!


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